Newport Apartments in Tampa FL Bait & Switched

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The apartment complex Newport, in Tampa Fl off of Hillsborough avenue is a total scam.They showed us an apartment, with huge pantry in the kitchen that would fit washer & dryer as well as plenty of room for our food etc.

I specifically asked, would this be exactly what I am getting? Yes she said. A month and a half later once our move in date came along, I called them in the morning to make sure it was ready for us to bring our moving truck with all of our packed things in it over. NO, the apartment is not ready, the carpets still need cleaning she said.

I say ok call me asap when it is done. Never calls back, I call her at 4 right before they close and she said no it is still not ready. I talk it over with my boyfriend and he decides to call to see what is going on. This time she says its ready so we go there and it is a total *** apartment that was half the size we were shown.

Dirty, smelly, TINY pantry that would barely fit washer and dryer. When asked what happened she could not say anything. I demanded my deposit back and she said that would be no problem. NEVER GOT DEPOSIT BACK after calling calling and calling.

These people are liars, will say anthing to get your money, two faced & dont care if they have an apartment for you.BEWARE!!

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